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Quotes Alarm won’t just wake you up at the right time, it will jumpstart your days with positivity. This app is full of beautiful picture quotes and assorted powerful sayings that will push you forward, inspire you to do more in life and make you feel motivated and uplifted. It’ll give you a sense of hope. Quotes Alarm will help you fight everyday hurdles and fulfil all your desires.
You may be close to the greatest change in your life. Download now and see life with new eyes!

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The most beautiful things in life are priceless

Quote of the Day!

Every day you'll be presented with a fresh new picture quote that you would have never seen before. Your daily doze of happiness and motivation, which you'll soon get addicted to!

Random Quotes

The moment you view your first quote, you may start craving for more. You need not worry, jump to "Random Quotes" section where you'll find lots and lots of exclusive picture quotes. Quote of the day quotes never appear here!

Social Sharing

Our picture quotes are awesome. Tap the cute facebook and twitter buttons and enjoy instant likes and retweets!. Want more? Hit the share button to grab the picture quote and then paste in any app you want!

Unlimited Alarms

Oh yeah! You can set as many alarms as you want, no limits! Moreover, alarms can be scheduled to repeat on chosen day(s). All your alarms are sorted in chronological order for easy access!

iTunes Support

Quotes Alarm comes with 7 pre-installed exclusive melodious tones. Not enough? Wake up to your favourite song, podcast or even the audiobook!

Refreshing Interface

This is another feature you wouldn't have seen before! Every time you open Quotes Alarm, you'll be greeted with a fresh new interface! That's true! Try it, and you'll know.


Lots of customization options are available for your convenience. Features like Silent Mode, Time Format, Snooze, Volume, Vibration, Screen Flash etc can be configured from settings page.

Happy UI

Quotes Alarm is serious about happiness. Its beautiful interface was designed keeping you in mind. All the cute interface elements and UI sounds try their best to put up a smile on your cute face :)

Supported devices

Quotes Alarm works on all your phones and tablets running iOS8 (Apple) or Jelly Bean (Android) and later.
Coming soon on your watches and wearables!

Quick Tutorial

Hover on description and icons for interaction


Quotes Alarm lets you managing alarms comfortably. All your alarms are listed (in chronological order!) in a left side bar that appears and hides at just a swipe! Every alarm has a beautiful switch so that you can conveniently control them. You can delete unwanted alarms right away by swiping them to left.

Night Mode

Night Mode turns your device into a beautiful bed time clock! Swiping up or down on the screen adjusts the brightness. Tapping on the screen displays the status bar and time remaining until next alarm.



Here you'll be greeted with the day's fresh "Quote of the Day". Everyday you'll find a new picture quote waiting for you here. Tapping on "Show More" will take you to the "Random Quotes" section, where you can browse (virtually endless) picture quotes. Quote of the Day quotes are exclusive fresh quotes which neither repeat nor appear in the Random Quotes!


Here you can access and customize numerous settings and features like Silent Mode, Time Format, Snooze, Alarm Volume, Vibration, Screen Flash, UI Sounds, Auto-Lock etc. You will also find here, a detailed description about the app and other important FAQ's for your reference.

Quick Tutorial - Alarms

Hover on description and icons for interaction

Add New Alarm

Hit that plus button to add alarms. Do not worry about their number. We have room for as many as you need. You may scroll down the list to view more alarms, if you have any.

Off-On Switch

A beautiful switch that quickly turns alarms off and on.

Edit Alarm

Tap on alarm and edit with ease. You can edit the time, tone, song, repeating days etc.

Delete Alarm

Swipe left on any alarm to delete. You can also delete the alarms by tapping them and then hitting the trash button.

Explore Quotes Alarm

Quotes Alarm in-app walkthrough. Click on the icons to get info.

Interactive Walkthrough

This will guide you through the application. Click on icons and get the details.


Double tap on the time to snooze. Snooze can be turned on from the settings page. You can also configure snooze time.

Turn Off Alarm

Tap this when you are ready to view the day's "Quote of the Day"!

Set Time

Set alarm time by rotating the wheels.

Select Days

Select the days on which you wish to repeat the alarm. You can select a single day, multiple days or select none as per need.

Select Ringtone

Tap this to select the desired ringtone or a song, podcast, audiobook from your iTunes library.

Pick a Song

You can select your favorite song here. You can also pick an audio podcast or an audiobook from your iTunes library if you wish to.

Select a Ringtone

Quotes Alarm comes with 7 pre-installed exclusive ringtones. You can pick the one you like.

Settings and Customization

Here you can access various features and customize Quotes Alarm according to your needs.

Night Mode Brightness

You can adjust the brightness in Night Mode by swiping up and down anywhere on the screen. Adjusted brightness is remebered for your comfort.


Screenshots at a glance
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Screenshots in Portrait Mode

Screenshot gallery when device is in portrait mode. Quotes are shown in landscape mode. Scroll down to see quotes in action!

Most useful, yet subtle features

Some other useful features that may be relevant for you.

Silent Mode

In a meeting? theatre? or classroom? Switch on the Silent Mode and all your alarms will go off silently.

24-Hour Time

By default, Quotes Alarm displays time in 12-hour format. Don't worry, you can turn on 24-Hour Time in the settings page.


Though snooze is turned off by default, you may turn it on in the settings. Four levels of snooze time is available.

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes


This too can be configured in the settings page. If turned on, phone will vibrate in the Silent Mode.

  • ...

Flash Screen

If Flash Screen is turned on, screen will flash when the alarm goes off. This feature is very useful for hearing-impaired people.

How can Quotes Alarm help me?

We have listed, on a separate page, various scenarios where Quotes Alarm will come in handy. If you are interested, click the button below and see how this app can play an important role in your daily life.

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Supports All Devices

Do you have multiple devices? Quotes Alarm will work smoothly on all.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

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And Here Comes The Best Part!

Finally, "Quote of the Day" and "Random Quotes" in action. To know how to best utilize these beautiful quotes in your everyday life, click here.



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