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Wake up Motivated

Jumpstart your day pumped up with the awaited motivation in your life! Wake up inspired to give your best today. This will help you fight the hurdles you may encounter today and help you move confidently towards your goals.


Explore Nature

Random Quotes are full of beautiful landscapes, sunrises, skies, forests, mountains and oceans. Love nature? Get onboard for an adventurous ride whenever you feel like and refresh your senses. It takes just some touches and taps!


At your workdesk?

Quotes Alarm's Night Mode and Screen Flash feature can come in handy! Night Mode will turn your device into a beautiful digital clock so that you don't lose track of time! Also, you may set alarms for short intervals. Screen Flash feature can be useful incase you don't want sounds - the screen will flash whenever alarm will go off. This will ensure that you don't get irritated by unwanted alarm sounds. Moreover, you may browse some quotes too - when you take breaks. This can prove useful whenever you get stuck as it will motivate you to keep trying and move ahead!


Do you cook?

Quotes Alarm can handle as many alarms as you need. You can set alarms for short intervals so that you don't waste time counting minutes. Also, you can start browsing quotes whenever you need to wait!



You can best utilise this time browsing quotes. This will help you relax. Moreover, our beautiful refreshing quotes can relieve stress and anxiety. If you feel depressed for some reason, don't think twice - start browsing our assorted motivational quotes and get the confidence you need to move ahead!


Out for your Quiet Place?

Quotes Alarm is the company you need! Next time you visit your favorite quite place, or accidently stumble upon one, browse our quotes and feel the magic!


Your Soulmate!

Seriously! Quoting from "Good Will Hunting" :
Sean: Do you have a soulmate?
Will: Define that.
Sean: Someone you can relate to, someone who opens things up for you.
Will: Sure, I got plenty.
Sean: Well, name them.
Will: Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Frost, O'Conner...


Going out for play? Gym?

Browse through Quotes Alarm's powerful quotes and get the adrenaline rush you need before you smash your opponents!


You Have the Answer!

Next time you see a friend, relative or stranger feeling low, depressed, broken - you know what to show them! Of course, if you like, you may share the app in general too :)


What's your style?

Have your own interesting way of using Quotes Alarm?
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